“Freakonomics” by S. D. Levitt & S. J. Dubner – rediscovered, worth reading book


The book title reflects the concept of this book full of unconventional essays.

All the essays are based on provocative, vexing questions, like:

  • What do schoolteachers and sumo wrestlers have in common?
  • How is the Ku Klux Klan like a group of real-estate agents?
  • Why do drug dealers still live with their moms?
  • Where have all the criminals gone?

At the end of these essays the reader will be surprised with some simple economic reality – f. e. in case of the drug dealers which live at home by their mothers – the simple economic reason is, in the lower hierarchy levels of their organizations they can not earn enough money to afford themselves own flats. Surprising and plausible solution, which adjust our picture of all-time rich dealers.

The achievement of all the essays of Levitt & Dubner is to find atypical (economic) questions. Their way of lateral thinking animates yourself to check your own environment, business or projects in an unconventional way, with the effort, that you’ll get new insights of established processes and generally accepted (business) truths.

The original book was published in 2005: „Freakonomics. A Rogue Economist Explorers the Hidden Side of Everything.

Levitt & Dubner maintain a blog: freakonomics.com/blog

Worth reading!

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