lean management

Lean Management, the [ liin mänäschmänt ] – to manage projects or companies or tasks in a very effective way, without (administrative) overhead. To catch the slim line. Downsize projects and processes to their really needed size. Strip off useless ballast.

In software projects often associated with the scrum or canban methods. Process oriented approach not pure end result focussed. Not to write 500 pages of requirements before starting the project. Better start with a clear defined project goal and some sketches/ user stories. Then start over and check every 14 days, if the projects develops in the right direction, if not adjust new.

Some thoughts about agile methods and lean (startup) are written by Stefan Lange in his blog called agilosoph


Lean management/ – production/ – development include the Kaizen approach – a continuous process of improvement – which, at the end wants to increase the level of quality with parallel savings of resources.



… about Kaizen: http://kaizenfieldbook.com/

… about Scrum: Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time Hardcover – September 30, 2014
by Jeff Sutherland (Author)

… about Kanban: Scrumban – Essays on Kanban Systems for Lean Software Development (Modus Cooperandi Lean) Paperback – January 12, 2009 by Corey Ladas (Author)

… about Lean XYZ you can find a top ten book list here: http://thekaizone.com/2014/05/the-top-10-lean-books-of-all-time/

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