Longboard, the [loongbort] – an extended skateboard. Made out of wood, plastic or bamboo (shown in the photos).

Longboard … helicopter view
Longboard – turned downside up. Submarine view. Simply the best view on a fantastic board! Chocolade side up 😉

Do’s: long, soft curved, light downhill streets with less traffic and perfect asphalt surface.

Dont’s: Half-pipe, extreme curved roads or main streets in mega cities.

Target group: mid aged people with surfer feeling in her blood not living on hawaii or close the pacific waves.

Alternatives for mid aged people without (!) a longboard:

  1. Harley-Davidson
  2. younger lover/ sweetheart
  3. Chalet in Switzerland
  4. E-Bike (ähm, depends …)
Longboard … seen with dog eyes
Longboard … rear view

Time until you will get lucky feelings while riding trough curved roads and breath fresh air is not that much, because the long board is not that hectic and nervous like a teeny tiny skateboard.

Where to buy in germany? At Titus. wpid-logo-2015-06-9-22-22-2015-06-19-16-11-2015-06-19-16-11.png