Worth reading: the LFI (Leica Fotografie International) magazine

Anything goes

DJ Post Modern, Ibiza 1999

Everything is photography

Ms. G. Freund, Paris 1965

Usually photo-magazines are about hardware tests. Tons of camera-megapixel-challenges – this one is different: LFI (Leica Fotografie International) magazine. To be honest, yes, product placement will take it’s space, but this is ok, because it is more or less of general interest, what Leica will do next. A manufacturer who produces digital black & white-only cameras in the 21th century is an object worth recognizing.


The LFI magazine contains mainly portraits of photographers and their current projects. Some of these are supported by Leica, some have won Leica awards, some portraits are from historic photographers like Toni Schneiders. Sure, all of them uses a Leica camera for their shown projects, what else and who cares in the end if the photo project itself is superb – which is often the case.

These portraits are lovely, pure black & white like Jo Fischer’s Feature – Wheels & Waves, artificial, depressing, realistic or innovative. All portraits are worth reading. The writing style of LFI’s is very undramatic, on the point, focused on the photographers project and it’s ideas in the head of the photographer.


Only two or three article (the shorter ones) are about Leica cameras or objectives itself, in the latest magazine one of these is about the usage of a historic Leica 250 model for air photography, which was stuck under the airplanes, in the 2nd world war. One of the other is about the new black & white Leica M Monochrom.

So, if you are searching for an other type of photo-magazine try this one, in my opinion you will not be disappointed.

The next LFI magazine 5/2015 will be published – which coincidence – today 😉

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