About ‘man at the window’

A popular motif throughout different genres (literature, movie, comic, photography) is the ‘man at the window’ motif.

Some ideas about ‘man at the window’:

  • It is about meditation, reflection the whole day or the next step you have to do.
  • the window bridges two worlds: the outside (Streetlife, crime, Adventure, Love Story) and the Inside (your personal feelings, inner thoughts, deepest Fears, your hope).
  • Standing at the window and starring outside is about observation – You can see everything from a meta perspective, but no one can see you behind the curtain
  • Behind the window is a parallel timezone, not the fast track of daily business, it is a closed room with it’s own, certain speed
  • It is about the contrast of chaos and quietness

… followed by some examples out of comics/ graphic novels:

© ‘Die Haie von Lagos‘ by Matthias Schultheiss
© ‘Der Mann am Fenster’ by Mattotti Ambrosi


© Both examples above from: ‘RG. Verdeckter Einsatz in Paris. Riad an der Seine’ by Pierre Dragon and Frederik Peeters

… and ‘window‘ as a search term on Flickr groups:


… also this Flickr group name ‘People in the window‘ is program:


Enjoy the search and finding of this motif and if you find or know some interesting ‘Man at the window‘ examples do not hesitate to share them … Thanks 😉