‘All.I.Can’ – an outstanding ski movie

(Fast) Downhill is the only direction which lifts you up – in a way.

F. Rider, Austria, Zillertal 2010

During summertime it is perfect to write about winter issues – such as the perfect ski movie.

The first time I saw All.I.Can. I was complete surprised by it’s unusual way of presenting skiing.

At the beginning and later during the movie there are some sequences which shows ‚stills‘ from landscapes and city – kind of morphing in fast forward photographies from city to landscape and vice versa. Often the movie uses air photography which shows the similarity of the structures of a landscape and a city. There are also impressive transformations from a green forest into a winter forest – triggered by a skier sliding downhill trough the color changing forest. Magic. Cool photography.

The skiing scenes are fascinating too 😉 Impressive downhill rides trough tons of fresh, white, untouched snow.

Powder snow as far as the eye can look.

If you want to get an impression I recommend to take a look at the official trailers:

All.I.Can Official Teaser # 1 by Sherpas Cinema

© by Sherpas Cinema

All.I.Can Official Teaser # 2 by Sherpas Cinema

© by Sherpas Cinema

All.I.Can Official Teaser # 3 by Sherpas Cinema

© by Sherpas Cinema

Or, with a german commentary from the news magazine DER SPIEGEL watch this: Höllische Abfahrten: Freeride-Film “All.I.Can”

In here you will find one of the funnier and ironic sequences of the movie: a long ski slide trough a small village downhill and downstairs!

There are other scenes which makes you smile, f.e. these in which the inuit childs or some of the sherpas try to ski by sitting on the skies, which ends in a lot of laughter on the screen.

Completely different style is shown by The Art of FLIGHT

In a way it is impressive as well but more in a sensational way. There are permanently helicopters from RED BULL in the focus of the cameras, spectacular snowboarding scenes with some real blood and hospital action. The Art of FLIGHT is cool yes, but the silent morphing photography style of ‚All.I.Can’ will last longer. No doubt.