Let’s play Kanban!

What is the best challenge during working hours? To play a game. Not possible? There is a game your boss accept, when you’ll play it during working hours: The getKanban Board Game!

But before you can start playing, you have to convince your boss to spend $450.00 for this handmade game.

To shorten the way to the end, it is worth its dollars!

The playground itself – © by getkanban.com

Main focus of the game is to give a group (four to six players) a playground for the kanban rules and mechanism. I will not say, that you master all rules from A to Z after playing it one time, but have a very close overview what kanban mean and for what you can use it and what are the difficulties.

The playground is organized like a kanban board in columns:

  1. Backlog
  2. Ready
  3. Analysis
  4. Development
  5. Test
  6. Ready to deploy
  7. Deployed

These columns will be filled, time after time, with tickets. No wonder, like in real agile projects life.

During the game event cards will disturb the ideal flow of cards from backlog to deployed.

An answer to unplanned (ups! 😉 events: shift a ticket in the „expedite lane“, to speed up their run-through time.

You also can use optional tickets, which have no value on your invoice, but which automize some parts of your process: f.e. the automated deployment.

What do you learn by playing this agile game – beside the value of playing a game with your beloved colleagues?

  • … the rules of kanban
  • … to keep the flow of tickets alive
  • … to discuss about the right amount of ‚work-in-progress‘
  • … to continues check out if everything on the board is balanced
  • … to care immediately after finishing a ‚round‘ about your control charts (Lead Time Distribution Chart, Control Chart, Cumulative Flow Diagram)
  • … to discuss about which ticket is more useful at the end of the billing cycle for our invoice (the process optimization ticket or the one with a lot of $?)

If your company think about installing kanban as a new agile approach – do not hesitate to recommend your boss to buy the game – out of exercise reasons.

It works!

Link to the getkanban.com webpage.