Review of Fotomarathon Bremen 2019

On Saturday morning the 7th of September started a new Bremer Fotomarathon – it was my first time that I attended one. I was a bit nervous. As I saw the first topics on the card – you get 3 times 3 topics during 9 hours the whole day, so, as I saw the first card with topics on it, I wanted to go home. 

The topics were very broad, unprecise in my point of view – I had no idea how to start. Thank go I had a good friend on my side. First action was to drink a cappuccino, reflect the topics and start a discussion of how to solve these exercises. 

More or less this behavoiur went on and on the whole day. Getting cards with 3 topics or mottos on it, reflect during drinking coffee or eating and then try to make the best out of the situation in which we were. You have deal with the city quarter in which we were, to find the best location, to creat an idea with a kind of new photographical aspect – and all this action in a time box, about one hour per topic. Which sounds plenty of time but if you keep the combination of solving the exercise, combined with a creative aspect within the streets you walked trough … wow, a hard job for a saturday 😉 

Did I win? No.

Does this matter? Not at all, because it was a lot of creative-time-boxed-work with a good friend of mine, which I don’t want to miss.

Do I want to attend next time? I think so!

Below you can find the topics and the belonging photos I made: 

10.00 AM – Starting Point Youth Hostel Bremen near the Weser. 

Overall motto or topic: Der Weg ist das Ziel! 

1. Links oder rechts

E313835D 0D6B 4333 86E3 2F0DF2357D4E 28242 00001BCF2D5D1648

2. Dreh‘ Dich nicht um!

9BA67081 F0B7 457E 9BE2 9EE71ACB0DD2 28242 00001BCF35586651

3. Zwei Schritte vor, einen zurück

401FDE79 6158 462A 98E5 31102110A327 28242 00001BCF3ABFF3E0

02.00 PM – Focke’s Café & Restaurant 

4. Um’n Pudding

A8BCF1B3 FAD2 4EBD 98F8 95F4D78082AB 28242 00001BCF40EEEDBD

5. Zum Zug‘ kommen

F628E3F7 D61B 46A6 8259 186F771B430B 28242 00001BCF45694C4A

6. Hin und weg

17025261 84E0 4DDC 9612 212CA3CC4285 28242 00001BCF673BC9F6

05.00 PM – Das Depot BSAG Betriebshof/ Freunde der Bremer Straßenbahn e.V. 

7. Wohin des Weges?

DAD6C751 05AA 4A98 A9A4 9936C2B35750 28242 00001BCF6C9392C0

8. Siebenmeilenstiefel

B7F91761 661B 4756 83AF 993616A366FD 28242 00001BCF71201E6A

9. Ick bin all dor!

89A56A08 F84E 4898 8246 CFB3861DC4D4 28242 00001BCF7A1FFC04

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