Hans Saebens: photos about Bremen 1930 – 1969: astonishing, clear edge, cool stuff!

Yesterday we (photohaven) went to the photo exhibition of Hans Saebens in the Bremer Focke Museum.

I was deeply impressed of the photos Hans Saebens took in Bremen in the years 1930 to 1969.

Seabens was kind of an official city photographer and documenter, who had a three year education in graphic and book design at Leipzig.

This graphic attitude you can see in almost every photo. He never forgot to compose his photos with a focused point of view, clear graphical lines, on which the eyes of the viewer can slide from the foreground to the background of the photo which gives his photos a well organised calm.

The 95% black and white photos are never overloaded with information, well-balanced between work-life (in harbour) or city documentation and graphic appearance.

It is only one (larger) room in the Focke Museum but it is worth a visit!

The belonging book: Hans Saebens. Bilder für Bremen (1930-1969) Verlag Carl Ed. Schünemann KG | ISBN 978-3-7961-6 | 144 Seiten | Hardcover | 19,90 € – contains all photos from the exhibition and is an ideal x-mas gift for photo enthusiastics.

All photos © by Hans Saebens, Focke-Museum Bremen:

hans saebens horse drawn carriage

hans saebens habour by night

hans saebens parking cars

hans saebens central station street

Additional links to the exhibition and Hans Saebens:

  1. Hans Saebens at the Bremer Focke Museum
  2. live and education information on german wikipedia
  3. photos on the artnet platform

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