Photohaven Challenge No. 2 – Periphery or border

Out of the life of an candidate

While challenge no.1 about heroes was from a pure content or motive aspect more or less easy to solve, was challenge no. 2 about periphery or borders more difficult, because all the first association came in mind were about border clichés like: border fence, city border signs, country border lines or typical border buildings.

To avoid these stereotypes I started to photograph garden fences as symbol of the smallest border we all have in our nearest environment. But it doesn’t worked well, it looked like a boring catalouge of, ähm, garden fences.

Next try was to go further and try the motif of hoarding or site fence. It doesn’t worked either. I almost arranged myself with not to solve the challenge. But then, it came up by fortune, I saw the solution: the almost invisible border between the inner and outer room mirrored in a window above the city lights.

This time it worked well. Take a look for yourself:

Treppe 4

Pferd 4

Podest 4

And how the other from photohaven solved the border-challenge – look here.

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