Lost Places – Horner Bad Bremen

The following photos show a lost place in Bremen – a former open air swimming pool – which is in these days a construction site.

The city changed it’s concept form an open air only swimming pool to a combined in- and outdoor swimming site.

For more information about the Horner Bad construction site take a look at the Bremer Bäder Website.

No. 1 Children’s Pool

DSCF0833 3

No. 2 Part of children’s pool

DSCF0837 3

No. 3 Children’s Pool

DSCF0838 3

No. 4 Lifeguard’s Cabin

DSCF0843 3

No. 5 Lifeguard’s Cabin – outside in

DSCF0845 3

No. 6 Stairway to swimmer’s pool

DSCF0847 3

No. 7 Stairway to children’s pool

DSCF0851 3

No. 8 Handrails to children’s pool

DSCF0852 3

No. 9 Lost/ last ball

DSCF0853 3

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