Lost Places – Horner Bad Bremen 2nd Attempt

New Year afternoon I startet a 2nd attempt to the Horner Bad.

The weather conditions were optimal because of a unique combination of fog and ground frost (-3 C) which resulted in icy plants next to the swimming pool.

I think it was worth to go there a second time and overwork the first attempt.

But take a look for yourself at the results:

No. 1

DSCF0863 2

No. 2

DSCF0876 2

No. 3

DSCF0881 2

No. 4

DSCF0887 2

No. 5

DSCF0896 2

No. 6

DSCF0898 2

No. 7

DSCF0902 2

No. 8

DSCF0914 2

No. 9

DSCF0922 2

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