European Nature-Photographer Exhibition

Today was the last day of the European Nature-Photographer Exhibition in Verden (next to Bremen) in the Deutsche Pferdemuseum.

To take the short path: it was really worth to see these astonishing nature photos!

It was an aesthetic impression on its own: mostly majestic nature, small animals from a below perspective as huge creatures, landscapes from a flight perspective like enigmatic patterns, abstraction and minimalism, back light silhouettes and also unusual cutting of the central motif. 

What was also an clear outcome of this exhibition: all these photos were based on hard conceptional work and a result of long time planning in beforehand.

Yes, of course, the lucky moment was also involved, but the base were planning and much time invest on site.

Background information about concept, realisation & technical equipment were given to each photo, what completed the interesting sunday afternoon.

If you need a new, magic view on our nature these photos are highly recommended!

Beside it was the last day in Verden you have the chance to see all photos in the exhibition book: Europäischer Naturfotograf des Jahres 2019

For more information look here:

German Horsemuseum in Verden/ Bremen

or here:

Gesellschaft für Naturfotographie – Winner Photos 2019

some impressions underneath: two stag beetle fighting:

IMG 2286

and two grizzly bears making a short photo model pause from hunting salmon:

288053bf 1c48 4110 bbe8 23e0e3fbf77b

(c) by Deutsche Pferdemuseum & (nature) photographers

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