Lunch-Break Street

During lunchtime you can go out to eat something, what I thought most of us will do, or you have plenty opportunities to fill the high-noon-break, what I learned while walking in the sun to get some fresh air outside the office building.

Take a look for yourself how manifold people spend time during their lunch break: 

# w o r k i n g

49821001131 34a8da9c6d w 

49798345342 74aeb3ae88 w

# r u n n i n g

49698223951 cffd0d629b w 

49697691468 5ea6788200 w 

49821000261 856ddbfda8 w

# t h i n k i n g

49756861392 b5b9cbb4e1 w

# t a k e  a  n a p

49797479658 8a985b6050 w

# d r i v i n g

49821000871 96471cbf2c w

49765869362 cff20c4222 w

49774120557 2b99a81cbf w

# r e a d i n g

49756861187 2317fbe668 w

39593894601 65a9a8d684 w

# s m o k i n g

49698528867 a1410cc503 w

# s l e e p i n g

49698223641 c3e6150df1 w

32861913141 6f0bb06ca5 w

# l i s t e n i n g

49288317228 1f8151bd4c w


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