Photo Marathon Bassum 2020 aka Photo Marathon Bremen

Photo Marathon Bassum … Bassum? Yes, Bassum!

Last weekend the original Bremen Photo Marathon took place in Bassum, a small village next to Bremen (about 35 km far from my hometown). In the first moment I was a bit sceptic about the rural place for a Photo Marathon. Are there enough motifs to give a photographic answer on the topics given by the organizer team? What about the distances between two checkpoints? How will the rural inhabitants act, when a horde of photographers enter their harmonic village and shoot all day around to get the best motif

Everything worked fine 😉

The most unpredictable factor of the day was the northern weather! It changed between bright sun, some rain drops and some dark clouds. Which eliminated one of my concepts I made in beforehand to give my photo series a conceptual frame: all photos under back light conditions. Most ours of the day, there was no direct sunlight, therefore no backlight scenario. Uuupps.

The other concept I thought about sitting on my sofa was the square format. This concept also was blown in the north wind by an e-mail of the organizational team about the photo format the participants had to use … 4:3 or 3:2. Ok, next idea please.

Anyway, the day was a cool ‘Landpartie’ with friendly and interested residents, I haven’t said so many ‘Moin, Moins’ like in Bassum during the six hours we drove around by bike to get the tasks solved.

You ask yourself where is Bassum? Take a look here, it is worth visiting:

Bildschirmfoto 2020 09 09 um 18 58 01

Recommendation for lunchtime? Yes, for sure, visit the Restaurant Zum Mühlenteich. A bucolic place to eat next to plashy water.

What about the Photo Marathon Challenge? Underneath you can find the Motto and the six tasks:

IMG 2656

And my photos? I will actualize this blog article after the series will officially published to not influence the Bassum Photo Marathon jury 😉

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