Fujifilm vs Nikon vs Leica

Open question about a gear decision to the really cool photography podcast fujicast.co.uk hosted by Neale & Kev:

Subject: Serious Gear Dilemma – pleeeaaaase help!

Dear Neale, Dear Kev, 

thanks a lot for your inspirational & substantial podcast!

As your podcast is independent from THE (fuji) brand, I’ve a question to you, because I stuck myself in an endless gear decision loop and you are surely able to untangle the knot.

My photo project: I’m working since march on a personal photo project which I started since covid lockdown during lunchtime instead of going into (the closed) canteen. It is a kind of modern photographed documentation about my hometown Bremen/ North of Germany especially an former industrial harbour quarter which changes currently into an inner-city place to live with a new kinder garden, school, flats and brain worker spaces (similar, yes, of course smaller, to Hamburg Harbour City or London Docklands). I’m out there with my Olympus Pen-F which works really fine because of its smart portable size. Two prime lenses are in use: 35 & 90 mm (full frame equivalent). But …

My gear dilemma: … I’m searching for some new inspiration for the next steps of this project and think about these options: Nikon Z or Fuji XT-4 or Leica Q2 (monochrome) – well, umm, I’ve created a huge excel sheets with numbers, advantages, disadvantages, etc.pp.. Overworked this sheet several times, but there rises no clear recommendation out of this excel sheet, because these cameras are so different … full-frame with plenty of deep of field or inspiring film simulations and various (prime) lenses or black & white paradise … perhaps you have an idea as well-experienced senior full-time professional masterclass photographer with the best podcast ever broadcasted … what do you think?

Thanks in advance, 
all the best, 

P.S. Example photos of my project „Überseestadt im Fluss“ (Overseatown in the river/ in flow or in change): 

Kick-Ass (1/2)
Listen to the music
Air worker

You ask yourself what was the recommendation of these experts to solve this gear dilemma … hear the answer yourself in the fujicast episode #157 from 22:00 to 18:28 minutes left.

Fujicast episode 157

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