New site in Bremen: Stone…, ups, Metalhenge

Bremen has a new (touristic) site. And – it is a real highlight. Above the city. Build on waste and recycling. Located at the Blocklanddeponie. It is called Metalhenge. Yes, with a strong, intended, named relationship to Stonehenge. Supported with an astonishing wide range of astronomic information by the Olbers-Planetarium.

It’s cool!

Whitagram Image

The site as such is cool and the viewpoint above the city and the wide view over the fields of the Blockland until the horizon. As a photographer there is no choice not to love this new place. It’s silhouette against the sunlight in dawn is dramatic, the city panorama with our cathedral, tv-tower, Roland mill, steel mills and the opposite side with full green fields of pure nature, the so called blockland.

A visit is highly recommended. I think with good weather the view is obvious better, but on a rainy day or on a autumn day with mist in the fields it must give impressive views (and photos) as well.

Whitagram Image 3 Whitagram Image 4 Whitagram Image 5 Whitagram Image 6 Whitagram Image 7

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