I started my internet career at LYCOS europe in Gütersloh, which belonged to Bertelsmann Media.

In the years around 2000 this was the latest fronted design ever:

wpid-lycos-2015-06-9-07-57.jpg and Lycos today

Perhaps some of you remember the black labrador, which was one of the main brand signals of Lycos europe:

wpid-lycos-werbung-2015-06-9-07-571.jpg late TV-spot with the LYCOS dog

Later in the LYCOS TV spots the dog also searched some under trousers for a scotish pipe player.

Or organized some soccer stuff. Or commercial shopping in the beginning of the internet century!

Some funny guys made jokes with the lovely labrador – no fair play … 😉


After LYCOS europe I made a short stop in the e-learning field for an education and training company, which also supported european (e-learning) courses:


After this I decided to go an multimedia agency named hmmh, nowadays specialized on e-commerce-business and its complex facets: consulting, requirements engineering, user experience, graphical user interface, frontend setup, backend customizing, online marketing, web analytics – everything to expand our customers e-commerce-business:


Private Sven:

Some sentences about the activities i spend most of my spare time with: photography and writing.

I started to photograph as I was about fifeteen or sixteen years old, with an analog camera (of course, because digital cameras were not invented yet 😉

– it was a contax 137 MD Quartz with a Zeiss 50mm objective – a camera with a motor inside, which was quiet innovative for this time.

The 50 mm gave me a clear view on the world and its numerous interesting viewpoints.
In these days I walk around with a nikon DSLR mostly with 85 mm or an olympus Pen, which is a bit smarter and more discrete for street photography.
If you are interested in some of my photographs, please visit my flickr page.