current project

My current photo project is about a former harbour area in Bremen, which is similar but smaller to London Docklands or Hamburg Harbour City. I started this photo documentary project in march 2020 during corona increased and the city life got less busy. I took my camera during lunchtime and captured the moments in this rising city area with a cool mixture of old and new industries, daily life and tourists.

Title: „Überseestadt im Fluss
ISBN: 978-3-96047-1131-0
Publishing date: 1st October 2021
Pages: 112
Size: Hardcover 21 x 25 cm
Price: 16,90 €

Online pre-order now possible f.e. direct at Carl Ed. Schünemann KG. Or in your local book store. 


(c) Carl Ed. Schünemann KG

You can find photos of this ongoing project mainly on instagram or flickr.