(Another) Ultimate List of Things ToDo as an Ambitious Amateur Photographer during Lockdown

These days the internet is full of lists about suggestions what you can do when you are at home as a professional photographer.

I wondered myself, what about amateur photographers?

Answer: we need another list! Written especially for this focus group!

Please find my suggestions, most tested by myself, in the following list:

  1. Polish your Flickr Account. Post some photos, follow some new persons, throw boring feeds out, find new inspirations trough other.
  2. Add some interesting sites on Instagram: #icp (International Center of Photography), #life, #magnumphotos, #worldpressphoto
  3. Subscribe Nikon School Online (only e-mail-adress + name necessary) – they offer some good free video content during april, f.e. low-key and portrait-courses
  4. Visit the RAW photofestival online on YouTube
  5. Go outside for a walk, take an interesting photo about life during lockdown and publish it on Instagram with #ICPConcerned
  6. Read books like: „Der fotografische Blick. Komposition & Design“ by Michael Freeman.
  7. Watch unusual ski movies like „Where the Light Shines. The Birth of Skiing in Afghanistan.“ (imdb). Watch the trailer here.
  8. Read PetaPixel as an endless source of inspiration for not-only-but-mostly-photo-enthusiasts.
  9. Care and maintain your gear inclusive empty battery packs, dirty lenses, dusty photo bags.
    Like Lukasz Palka says: Love Your Camera — The ‚Best‘ Camera for Street Photography.
  10. Begin your own challenge with „See the bigger picture“-cards.
  11. Start a photo diary/ sketch book for a new photo project (example given by Stephan Wiesner)
  12. Train your scenario skills from film or comic like „Die Haie von Lagos“ with classic motif like the look through blinds/ a window.
    You can get advice from Stephan Wiesner in his latest Video: „7 Tipps for window photography“.
  13. Listen to podcasts like FujiCast. NOT only for Fuji-gear-users! With some british sense of humour.
  14. Portrait your family (attention: they can’t run away 😉)
  15. Try out self-portraits in each mirror you can find at home.

If you have further suggestions, feel free to comment them!

Bildschirmfoto 2020 04 02 um 18 12 52

(c) amazon prime

Bildschirmfoto 2020 04 02 um 18 21 52


Bildschirmfoto 2020 04 02 um 18 30 11

(c) Nikon School Online

Bildschirmfoto 2020 04 02 um 18 33 50

(c) biggerpicture.cards

Bildschirmfoto 2020 04 02 um 18 40 08

(c) Fujicast (Neale James and Kevin Mullins)

Bildschirmfoto 2020 04 02 um 22 04 12

(c) Lukasz Palka on EYExplore

IMG 2438

(c) Edition Comic Art/ Carlsen Verlag

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