To be a candidate (in a photo group)

Since two months I am a candidate in a photo group. Not a full member, a candidate.

The trail period will last five months.


What is going on there and with myself? 

The group founded itself about 10 or more years ago. So they are an established group of about 10 (+/- one or two) ambitious photographers. They all have other jobs to earn money. But everyone is deeply interested in taking photos on a certain level and – what’s relevant – to lift this level up. 

Meetings happen weekly, with a tough agenda:

1. review of photo books from famous photographers to learn their point of view

2. decision making about exhibitions in which they want to present their own photos

3. planning the visits of exhibitions 

4. preseting photos their member made during holidays or other field trips

5. planning field trips as a group

6. presenting and discuss result photos from their monthly challenges

As you can see, a lot of work in progress during these meetings. It feels a bit strange the candidate status, because of my own not to short photographer history, but it is a cool and esteem atmosphere in which I/the group have the chance to develop further as a photographer – on a practical and also on a theoretical base. 

The following are working sketches for my first challenge – the headline was: Heros.

IMG 2162

Before I started to take photos, I made a small concept of point of view, number of elements (3 or 5 photos), focus on a detail or show more a complete person, …

IMG 2163

And this is the result of the hero challenge from my side: 

Auswahl serie photohaven aufgabe final

If you are interested about the group called Photohaven you can find more information on their website

And – stay tuned – next challenge is ongoing – is about BORDERS, which is more open for (photographical) interpretation as heroes.

Full of excitement about the different interpretation and results! 

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